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Personal Interests


I like to consider myself a photographer. I don't get paid for it but I feel and have been told, I take wonderful pictures. I also enjoy it. Also I am into aroma therapy. I make my own perfume, bath salts, candles and sachets out of oils. I also enjoy writting poetry and short stories. When I am not doing any of the above, I am usually on the PC or my webtv.


When I want to relax, I swtich on the boob-tube and flip to my favorite shows. I like Dharma &Greg, X-Files, All My Children And Friends.

Or I give myself a facial and take a hot bath with some oils . Usually Lavander or Victorian Rose.

Favorite Restaurant

I Love seafood so of couse I love RED LOBSTER

Also I enjoy going to the OutBack SteakHouse.


Right Now- I have a Dachshund named Petey, a fishtank full of tropical fish and two kittens. One is named Cooper and I haven't named the other one yet. She is just known as "kitty".

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Biographical Information

May 26 1996

I earned my GED after dropping out of high school. (BIG YEA!!)

September thru November of 1992

I meet and married my hubby. (BIG SMILE)

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Poetry By Cheubrose

Shadows grip My Naked Body As I wait For the Solitude Of Life.

Cringing In The Corner Of A Round Room

I Dream Of Waking Up.

Sleeping Alone Under The Critiquing Eye Of the Public

Drawing In Breaths Of Sorrow And Exhaling My Soul

Pulling All eternity Into A Blackhole.

written by cheubrose on November 8 1998


Wings of angels, fallen dreams

the tide rolls in

birds begin to sing

I wake to the beating of my lonely heart

I Watch as the beggining falls apart

Wanting you to pull me near

Wishing You was still here

scheming ways

Heartache, grief & endless days.

written by cherubrose November 7 1998



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