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Step 1. Safety during violence.

I can use the following options:
a. If I decide to leave, I will________________________________________________

b. I can keep a bag ready and put it______________________ so I can leave quickly.

c. I can tell________________________________about the violence and have them call the police
when violence erupts.

d. I can teach my children to use the telephone to call the police and the fire department.

e. I will use this word code________________________________for my children, friends, or
family to call for help.

f. If I have to leave my home, I will go_________________________________________.(Be
prepared even if you think you will never have to leave.)

g. I can teach these strategies to my children.

h. When an argument erupts, I will move to a safer room such

i. I will use my instincts, intuition, and judgement. I will protect myself and my children until we are out
of danger.

Step 2. Safety when getting ready to leave.

I can use the following strategies:
a. I will leave money and an extra set of keys

b. I will keep important documents and keys

c. I will open a savings account by this date___________________________________ to increase
my independence.

d. Other things I can do to increase my independence

e. The domestic violence hotline is _____________________.

f. The shelter's hotline is _________________________.

g. I will keep change for phone calls with me at ALL times. I know that if I use a telephone credit
card, that the following month the telephone bill will tell the batterer who I called after I left. I will
keep this information confidential by using a prepaid phone card, using a friend's telephone card,
calling collect, or using change.

h. I will check with_________________________ and ______________________ to know who
will let me stay with them or who will lend me money.

i. I can leave extra clothes with___________________________.

j. I will review my safety plan every ___________________(time frame) in order to plan the safest
route. I will review the plan with ______________________________ (a friend, counselor or

k. I will rehearse the escape plan and practice it with my children.

Items to take checklist ___ identification ___ birth certificates for me and my children ___ social security cards ___ school and medical records ___ money, bankbooks, credit cards ___ keys - house/car/office ___ driver’s license and registration ___ medications ___ change of clothes ___ welfare identification ___ passport(s), green card(s), work permits ___ divorce papers ___ lease/rental agreements ___ mortgage payment book, current unpaid bills ___ insurance papers ___ address book ___ pictures, jewelry, items of sentimental value ___ children’s favorite toys, blankets, etc. ___ personal protection order

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